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Vacuum Bags for Food Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Bags for Food Vacuum Sealer

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Product Name

Vacuum Sealer Bags



Product Feature

  1. Universal Design:Compatible with Any Types Vacuum Sealer Machines
  2. Environmentally friendly sealing bags: We have designed and launched environmentally friendly, biodegradable sealing bags, which can greatly reduce the harm to animals and plants in nature. We are heartbroken when we see those animals injured by plastic pollution in the ocean ,
  3. INCREASE STORAGE TIME FOR NUTRITION AND FLAVOR - 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside
  4. BPA free material: Safe for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil safe


1 Set Vacuum Sealer Rolls Food-Storage Bags

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