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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Filter

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Filter

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Suitable for various sink drains, can effectively filter residues, bid farewell to the original method of cleaning pipes with tweezers! Made of high-quality stainless steel, no rust, longer use! Easily and effectively prevent foreign matter such as hair, paper scraps, food residues, fabrics from entering the drain.
Need to know before buying: Measure the approximate size of the sink, buy a larger size, and then adjust it yourself.

Name: Stainless Steel Filter Mesh
Material: Stainless steel
Category: Filter
Color: silver
Size: Small outer diameter 5cm, medium outer diameter 7.5cm, large outer diameter 10cm (all measured by hand)
Style: modern and simple
Application: kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, toilet, wash basin and other drains can be used
Package includes: 1*filter

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