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Semi-automatic Stainless Steel Whisk Creamer

Semi-automatic Stainless Steel Whisk Creamer

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Features: suitable for bar and restaurant kitchen egg beating, mixing tool

1. There are 9 styles, there is always your favorite mixing tool

2. Both manual mixing style, there are also semi-automatic, very easy to use, will not take a lot of effort

3. Excellent material, sturdy and durable, can touch the food


Item name: handheld whisk

Item number: G041

Material: stainless steel|, wood

Single size: manual small: 25 * 4.8cm; manual medium: 27.3 * 5.8cm; manual large: 29 * 6.8cm

Stainless steel 10 inch: 27 * 7 * 2.2cm; stainless steel 12 inch: 30 * 7 * 2.2cm; stainless steel 14 inch 33 * 7 * 2.2cm

Wooden handle color 8 inch: 20 * 5cm; wooden handle color 10 inch: 25 * 6cm; wooden handle color 12 inch: 30 * 6.5cm

Weight: 99g

Available colors: stainless steel, wood

Package includes:

1 whisk

How to use: 1. Prepare the eggs and then put them in a bowl

2. Put the tool into the bowl for mixing, and then achieve the effect you want

Note: 1. Wash with water and put it away in time after use

2. It can be used for a long time, sturdy and durable, so you can cook more effort

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