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Food Storage Container Set

Food Storage Container Set

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Storage box: kitchen refrigerator storage tank

Material: PET material

Capacity: 2 small containers (17.6 oz/0.5 liters), 2 medium containers (28 oz/0.8 liters), 2 tall containers (42.2 oz/1.2 liters), 1 extra large container (66.8 oz/1.9 liters):

Package includes

7 boxes

Do you have this trouble: 1. don't know how to store leftover food? 2. fridge is dirty and messy (especially when your boy/girlfriend goes to your house to open the fridge) 3. using glass storage jars are easy to break and bulky?

Consider using plastic sealed jars, which are light weight, not afraid of falling, and can organize food better. That is beautiful and generous. It can be placed in the refrigerator and drawers, more suitable for storage in the living room!

10 reasons for your purchase:

1. high quality material, sturdy and durable 2. lock fresh, easy to open and close 3. no need to worry about cracking 4. reasonable bottle design, easy to carry 5. exquisite workmanship, warm and clean 6. clean and tidy Easy to sort and store 8. stable stacking, save space 9. make life easier 10. large diameter design, not easy to leak!

A Perfect Set of High-quality Food Storage Containers

This container presents the content immediately and promotes sorting. Easily organize your shelves, pantry, closets, or drawers with U-MISS Food Storage Containers. You’ll be able to clearly identify the contents, even on high shelves or when stacked underneath other boxes. This will save you time and effort when you’re cooking, as well as giving your fridge a pleasant, well-organised look.

Slim body design

This kind of food storage containers has a slim body, it makes convenient for you to grasp it and pour out the food with ease.

Airtight sealing lid

With special design airtight lids, these plastic containers not only can keep your food fresh, but also keep the bugs out.

Stackable containers

These plastic storage containers are stackable, which will make more efficient use of every inch of your home kitchen.

Upgraded plastic material

Made of upgraded durable AS (Acrylonitrile Styrene) Plastic, our air tight food storage containers will help you a lot to organize your pantry.

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